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About Us

Vault Agritech Pvt. Limited was set up in December 2017, with an aim to deal with the production of processed foods from agricultural produce with the help of latest technology. The first project of the company is ‘Pasta’. Axor Ocrim Pasta machinery is the technology provider of state of the art Italian technology, and are pioneers in Pasta machinery manufacturing. The plant is suitably located at Balangir, Odisha. The climate of this location is appropriate for the product. It is also strategically located for PAN India distribution as well as exports.

Why Bellizi foods?

Devoted to quality, Bellizzi Foods is swiftly emerging as a maker of premium pasta in India. By utilizing the conventional craftsman pasta-production process, bronze kicks the bucket and slow drying procedure, Bellizzi Foods pasta conveys the genuine Italian taste and fragrance of wheat, alongside an rough, non-gleaming surface for better retention of sauces.

Delicate to Indian Preferences, it is 100% eggless, doesn’t get clingy for quite a long time subsequent to bubbling and holds its shape. It has high gluten content (protein) which makes it solid and fat-free as well. Being generally produced using durum wheat semolina Bellizzi pasta is progressively advancing into Indian families.


Prasanta Kumar Patra

Highly experienced partner with a history of working in the telecommunications industry and alternative renewable energy. Skilled in negotiation, customer relationship management, IT service management, team building. Strong entrepreneurship bent of mind & a true professional.
He is the co-founder of Abu Shumookh Projects, an IT and Telecom company in Muscat, Oman, since 2009. He is the Founder/Owner of Vault Communications Private Limited, India, an IT, Security & Renewable Energy Company established in 2011.

Amrita Patra

Extremely motivated partner with a history of working in multinational logistics companies.
Proficient in customer interaction and efficient at problem-solving. Centred on meeting client expectations while retaining quality standards to ensure timely delivery. Demonstrates creativity and vision in developing businesses.

All reasons for choosing Bellizzi Foods


Handpicked and chosen raw materials


100% Eggless


Artisan production method


Slow Drying process


Use of bronze dies


Rich in fibre


Zero cholesterol


High roughness on pasta surface


Perfect absorption of sauces